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What is Connect?

Connect for kids+ is a fun, innovative learning experience for children and adolescents aged between 6 -17, designed to help kids develop the essential skills of communication and social interaction.

Skills covered include:

  • The essentials of getting along with others such as reading social cues accurately, joining in and making decisions together
  • Conversational skills including listening. initiating and maintaining conversations
  • Assertive problem solving and developing the skills of compromising, negotiation and persuasion
  • Dealing with tough social times including teasing, bullying, peer pressure and isolation
  • Developing specific language skills such as understanding instructions, strategies for dealing with comprehension breakdowns and expressing yourself effectively

How does Connect happen?


Social skills groups are run out-of-school hours including school holidays and on Saturdays.

A group programme consists of 8 sessions. This includes skill-building sessions for group participants and educative parent sessions. This combination makes sure that the skills covered carry over into a child’s everyday life.

Groups are kept purposely small to ensure all group participants benefit from the programme and expertise. Each group is organised with consideration of age, gender and comparative skill level.

Prior to attending a group programme, an individual pre-group consultation will be organised. This consultation will include discussion with both child and parent and assessment of a child’s social interaction strengths and difficulties.


Individual assessment and therapy is also available in areas of social skills and communication abilities. Thorough assessment of communication skills and how they impact on a child’s academic, emotional-behavioural and social development is a specialty of Connect for kids+.


Connect-Ed is a social skills programme designed specifically for schools and can
involve professional development for teachers, customised groups for students with
peer relationship and social skills difficulties and individualised classroom programmes.

Developing the social, emotional & communication skills of kids and adolescents

Amanda Styles
Speech Pathologist

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