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Who needs Connect?

  • Kids and adolescents who struggle making and keeping friends
  • Kids and adolescents who are having difficulties facing tough social situations such as conflict, bullying, teasing and social isolation
  • Kids and adolescents who rely on aggressive or passive strategies in conflict situations with others
  • Kids and adolescents who struggle to participate in group or team activities
  • Kids and adolescents who have difficulties expressing themselves
  • Kids and adolescents who seem to misread social cues, struggle to follow instructions or problem solve effectively
  • Kids and adolescents who are struggling with the academic demands of schooling
  • Students who would benefit from assistance in making the transition from primary to secondary schooling


Schools can receive training in how to assist kids and adolescent with social skills and language difficulties

Developing the social, emotional & communication skills of kids and adolescents

Amanda Styles
Speech Pathologist

Postal Address:
PO BOX 742
Western Australia, 6932

Practice Address
99 Loftus Street
Western Australia, 6007

Phone: 0402 10 10 60
Fax: (08) 9473 0766

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